Anabolic Steroid Information And Myths

Anabolic steroids are used by athletes, weightlifters, and others that wish to increase muscle and lean body mass. Anabolic steroids are a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. They can be ingested as a tablet or a liquid. The best way to use steroids is to use them in cycles versus continuous use.

Using Steroids Responsibly

While many people have heard horror stories about using steroids, many of those circumstances were due to misuse of the drug. There are many steroid success stories. Regular people who are into fitness and want to see greater muscle definition can decide to use steroids and achieve phenomenal results. Athletes may use steroids to increase their physical endurance and the time needed to recover from physical exertion. However, many sports organizations have banned the use of steroids for professional athletes.
Many people discuss the side effects of anabolic steroid use, but some sing its praises. What is fact and what is fiction? Let's look at a few myths surrounding steroid use.

Steroids Can Reduce Good Cholesterol

This myth is true. Although no one knows exactly why, steroid users often are at risk for heart disease because the drug reduces the amount of HDL, which is healthy cholesterol. It is always a good idea to be monitored by a health professional during steroid use.

Steroids Only Work if You Eat Well and Workout

Steroids will build muscle even in a sedentary person. Of course, someone who is eating right and exercising will show greater benefits. Steroids work on some level regardless of whether or not you are doing your part.

Steroids Will Kill You

Almost anything used improperly can kill you; it is even possible to ingest too much water. So all of the horror stories are not necessarily true. Misuse of steroids can be problematic. The smartest steroid users monitor their health daily and always use the drug properly.

Large Doses Are Twice as Good as Small Ones

Steroids have limits to their effects. Also, ingesting more than necessary can produce unnecessary health risks. Stick with the prescribed dosage.
Steroids will Make You Depressed Unless you are predisposed to depression, steroid use will most likely make you feel more positive. Many cases of depression claiming to be caused by steroid use do not stand up to scrutiny. Properly used, steroids can reduce stress levels and make you feel amazing.

Steroids Will Make Anyone Look Ripped

As mentioned earlier, steroids will work on anyone regardless of their activity level. However, muscle growth is affected by genetics. Not everyone will end up looking like Mr. Olympia, even if they are using steroids in the correct dosages and working out frequently. Steroids can not make up for poor genetics.

Steroids are not a magic elixir but will increase the effect that working out has on your body. Paired with proper eating habits and medical care, steroid use can cause little damage. Be sure to research steroids and discuss their use with a trusted professional before beginning a steroid cycle.

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